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Our goal is to ensure that your potential students from all over the world can find you faster and easier.

Based on the data from the schools’ websites, Google maps, and other sources of information, we have indicated the taught sports, the working months, and memberships of any sport associations. We have also specified the schools’ coordinates, as well as the minimum cost of an hour of training.

What offers

Accessible all over the world
We have a large community of students who love different sports - surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, SUP and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. This means that your school becomes accessible all over the world.

Direct interaction
No intermediaries. You decide when and how many students you are willing to accept.

Saving money on additional competencies
We use all possible advertising channels and tools, including remarketing, and maintain a staff of professional specialists working with them.

You can no longer engage in unnecessary processes, hiring and searching for special employees, programmers, marketers, etc. You do not need to solve organizational issues when registering students, and in some cases even think about payment methods.

Real reviews
Reviews only from your students - no cheats.

CPA model
Pay only for real bookings.

How it works

  1. To do this, check please if we have specified everything correctly about your school at You may correct or add information about your school, and if we have made a mistake or omitted something, just send us an email with corrections or confirmation.

  2. Next step: you receive booking information from a student by email.

  3. And finally, payment at school.

Contact us

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