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We love active life like you! And we added our favourite schools on the website for comfortable and fast search and booking. Choose what you want. And… enjoy active life!

What offers

Incredible choice
Find more than 700 schools all over the world. Whether you want to play sports in a small family school or in a luxury seaside resort with the most famous and popular school, has it all in one place. We check and process all information about schools. Information appears on the site only in a structured form.

Make an informed choice, not a random one has a fantastic search with useful features that are not available on the school site by default - filters, comparison options, etc.

Languages supports the languages spoken by our users.

Direct interaction
No intermediaries. The decision is made only by you and the school, we provide only the platform.

One rule for all bookings
General rules when booking any course. You don't need to register again - all in one account at

Friendly support
We love our job and are ready to help you at any hour. Just email us at

How it works

  1. To get started - choose a course (or several courses) at and send a request for booking courses

  2. Next, get a booking confirmation from the school

  3. Finally, payment is made at school

  4. Relax and get ready for the ride!

Booking Questions

Email us at

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